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Looking to add to your family? Kids wanting a puppy?  Not sure where to start?  Nervous about the process?  Let us help guide you through the process of choosing the perfect addition to your family.

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When purchasing an Integrity Golden you not only take home a beautiful new pet and family member but also an understanding that your puppy started its life in the best home possible.

Our family dedicates countless hours into the whole process from pregnancy, to whelping and the raising of the puppies.  Our team creates positive desensitization experiences so that each puppy has the capacity to become an all-around wonderful representation of the Golden Retriever breed.

We hope you chose to join us as an Integrity puppy family member.  Our hope is to develop a lifelong friendship complete with sharing pics, videos, having puppy play-dates and Integrity puppy birthday parties together.



My attempt at blogging…

One week in

We are one week in to Juju’s Journey. Today marks the 7th day she has been eating a DIY raw mixture that contains only sources of food she’s not allergic to. It’s also day 4 of taking Glacier Peak Gold. While she is nowhere near good, she is much better. What I’m noticing: the itchingContinue reading “One week in”


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Puppies require alot of stuff! Order all your supplies through Chewy

Puppy Culture

I raise all my pups using the Puppy Culture program. They have many resources for new puppy owners. I highly recommend taking a look at what they offer.


All IGR dogs are registered with AKC. More info to come.


What People Say

Christine is an exceptional breeder. She raises the puppies in her home with all of the love and support they could dream of. She socializes them and exposes them to everyday noises and life so that they don’t come home to you anxious and afraid.


Integrity Golden Retrievers fully embodies their name. Integrity! The devotion and love that Integrity puts into each of their dogs, is astounding. You will be blessed to get an Integrity Golden Retriever.


Our Other Businesses…

GoldenClosings: Christine is a licenced realtor with Keller Williams Realty Signature

Integrity Building & Remodeling: Bob owns/operates a residential home remodeling company.