What Happens Next

Once your application is submitted, your contact info and male/female preference goes on my spreadsheet. I do not do this in a “first come first serve” basis. I am fortunate enough to have so many applications that I am able to pour over them and hand select the family’s that I feel will be the best fit for raising one of my pups. I communicate with the group now and then before mama is pregnant, just updating you on what’s happening at IGR and also confirming that you are still interested in waiting for an IGR pup.

Criteria I look at when determining who to chose to raise my pups:

  • Own vs rent
  • Fenced yard vs not fenced
  • How many hours/day the pup will be home alone
  • Do you already have one of my pups?
  • Do you have a friend who has one of my pups?

Once pups are born and you have been offered to place a deposit on a pup then…..

  • I will add you to our private Facebook group. This group is only for those who own and IGR dog or have a deposit down on an IGR dog. It’s a place where all IGR families can interact, support each other, ask questions, show off their pup; no matter which litter your IGR dog is from. We’ve got a fantastic community. You can be as involved or not involved as you wish.
  • A day or so after pups are born, and after I’ve received all the deposits, then I’ll set the dates for our Open House and Selection/Go Home days.
    • Open House: When pups are 5 weeks old I invite all the families (plus kiddos) to come play with the babies. Typically I’ll have the boy families come for a 2 hr time frame, give the pups a one hour break, and then have the girl families here for a 2 hr time frame. I have VERY strict health/safety protocols that will be communicated via email.
    • Selection/Go Home Day: We do this on the same day. I will schedule families a 1 1/2 hr time slot, in order of “picking order” to come, spend time with the pups they are able to choose from. I will freely give my opinion on what I am seeing personality-wise, then you will be asked to select your pup after about an hour. I’ll do a quick nail trim, bath, brushing, we’ll take family pictures and you’ll be on your way home with your new pup.
  • Once pups are born and families are selected, I begin communicating with the group via email. I send weekly, detailed emails of what I’ve accomplished the previous week and what my goals are for the upcoming week. This allows you to follow along and be involved in the entire process of your puppy’s time here at IGR.

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