Looking to add to your family? Kids wanting a puppy?  Not sure where to start?  Nervous about the process?  Let us help guide you through the process of choosing the perfect addition to your family.

When purchasing an Integrity Golden you not only take home a beautiful new pet and family member but also an understanding that your puppy started its life in the best home possible.

We hope you chose to join us as an Integrity puppy family member.  Our hope is to develop a lifelong friendship complete with sharing pics, videos, having puppy play-dates and Integrity puppy birthday parties together.



Here at Integrity Golden Retrievers we raise our puppies by following the protocol from the program Puppy Culture.  As a Puppy Culture puppy, one thing your baby will experience is Early Neurological Stimulation from days 3-16.  There are specific exercises, for specific length of time, on specific days of their life.  See the study done by Dr. Carmen Battaglia to learn more information.  (http://breedingbetterdogs.com/article/early-neurological-stimulation)

We also seek to expose your puppy to a variety of sights, sounds, textures, smells, etc.  My goal here is to develop a response from the puppy that when he/she encounters something new they will have the attitude of “what’s this, let’s explore, let’s investigate” instead of “oh my, that’s scary, let’s shrink away, let’s react out of fear”.  Clearly I can’t expose them to everything, but I can work to develop this natural curiosity and positive response to new things.

Each puppy heads to their forever home having had 4 individual de-wormings, a complete vet check, a complete report detailing their weights, worming dates, vaccination dates, along with plenty of new puppy owner information.

As for our facilities – We have a 250 square feet addition to our home dedicated to the dogs, their puppies and my office.  We have a whelping area, a play area, floor drain for easy cleanup, cabinetry, counter space, food storage.  Also, a sink for filling water bowls and bathing puppies (not big dogs though – they’re still relegated to bathing in the bathtub).  Probably my favorite part is an exterior door directly to the outside puppy play space!  Our yard is fully fenced for the big dogs, but we also have a small area fenced off for the pups.  This area is covered with artificial turf for the babies.  I’ve done one too many litters on regular grass/dirt and have had to wash one too many pups after outside playtime so we switched to artificial turf.

You can see pics of the entire process of finishing our puppy room under “more” then “facilities” tab.




ONE:  Apply.  Each person interested must complete the Puppy Application (found under the main menu).  Once I receive your app, I’ll be in touch via email within a week or two letting you know if your application is approved. 

TWO:  Deposit.  If your application is approved you will be given the opportunity to place a Commitment Deposit (see Deposit Policy for more information).  

THREE:  If I don’t have any current pups available, your contact info will go on my spreadsheet and I’ll stay in contact now and then via email.  Please add my email to your contacts so future communication doesn’t go to your spam folder.  Once I have a litter on the way, I’ll communicate first with those who have placed a Commitment Deposit to see if they are interested in a pup once the arrive and I know how many I have available.  If after going through the list of those with a Commitment Deposit there are still pups available, then I’ll reach out to those on the regular waitlist (aka those without a deposit placed).  

FOUR:  Babies born.  Once babies are born and I’ve reached out to everyone then the $800 deposit will be due within 24 hrs of me contacting you to say “I have a pup for you, do you want it”.

FIVE:  Officially an IGR Puppy Family.  Now begins weekly communication letting you know what I’m working on with the puppies.  

SIX:  Open House.  When babies are about 5 weeks old, I host an Open House for those who have placed deposits on those pups.  It’s simply a time where you and your family can come and spend time with the babies.  If you follow our social media, especially Facebook, you’ll already start falling in love with a few of them.  I post very regularly on social media – so if you don’t have Facebook, you’ll be missing out alot!

SEVEN:  Selecting your pup.  I schedule each family to come select and take home their pup at 8 weeks old.  This is scheduled in order of when I receive the deposits.  I a lot each family about a 2hr time slot.  This give plenty of time for you to sit in the puppy room and play with the babies that are available for you to select from.  Once you’ve made your final decision, then I’ll do a quick nail trim, brush the pup, sign contract, accept final payment and finally, take your family pic.  Then you are off on your way home.  I am always available for the life of your dog to support you and be available to answer questions.  You choose how connected to the IGR family you’d like to be.  Basically, I’m here if you need me.

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