Welcome to the Family


You’ll receive a lifetime of support not only from us here at IGR, but also from the other Integrity Families.  Once your deposit has been received and we have identified which mama/papa will be the parents of your puppy the fun truly begins.

There is an ever growing community of families in our private Facebook group solely for those who own an Integrity Golden Retriever.  This group has been created to allow all our IGR families to ask questions, share recommendations and of course show off their babies.  So far you’ve been watching these babies grow up on our social media accounts, but once your have your deposit in on an IGR pup, there are plenty of times that I ‘go live’ on Facebook for our private Integrity puppy families.

I commit to being always available for the life of your fur-baby.  Available to answer questions, offer guidance and direction for anything you need regarding your pet, and also if the need ever arises that you can no longer be the home for your IGR dog, I will accept them back into my home temporarily until I can identify a forever home for your baby.  While noone anticipates this happening, it does occasionally.  Just know you’ve always got me as a resource.



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