Vaccinations aid in the building of your puppy’s immune system and can help them avoid or fight deadly diseases in the future! They are VERY necessary and getting a vaccination schedule is important!

Your puppy is up to date on age appropriate vaccinations when leaving here at 8 weeks old. He/she will NOT be fully covered yet and will need to receive more boosters after leaving. Discuss this with your vet and get on a schedule to continue! Depending on your vet, your puppy will likely need 2-3 more boosters before being considered fully vaccinated. A vaccination record will be included in your puppy pack!

NO FEET ON THE GROUND TIL AFTER 2nd ROUND OF VACCINATIONS. When you take your puppy home, PLEASE avoid any and all places where there may be unvaccinated dogs or large populations of dogs. These areas are dog parks, pet stores,  etc. as the potential for your puppy catching diseases are much more prominent in these places. It is best to just avoid them all together until your puppy is fully vaccinated. They can still play and be around other vaccinated dogs!

Also keep in mind that even fully vaccinated adult dogs can contract diseases or spread it so if you are aware of an infection in a certain location, you would be best to avoid it.

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