Species-Appropriate Diet (RAW)

IGR feeds a fully balanced raw product from a company called Ross Wells. I have a Facebook group called Rockford RAW. We order 4x/year. I drive to northern WI to pick up everyone’s raw order directly from Ross Wells, then you come to my home within 15 minutes of my arrival home to pick up your order.

Titan Red: beef, salmon are the protein sources

Titan Blue: beef, salmon, chicken, turkey are the protein sources

If interested in purchasing these products, contact me through the Rockford RAW group, or email me.

Other RAW FOOD resources:

http://www.pureprimalpet.com – for dog/cat treats

http://www.mypetcarnivore.com – multiple different products you can order from here

Top RAW food brands:

Steve’s, Primal, VivaRaw

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