Steps to Owning an IGR Puppy

STEP ONE: Complete the puppy application found on the website.

STEP TWO: Wait for an email from IGR with information as to whether your application is approved or not. If approved, you’ll be informed of how our waitlist is structured and given information regarding placing a deposit. We have two “levels” of deposits: Pre-Pregnancy ($500) and Commitment ($100). See our page on deposit policy for more information.

STEP THREE: Wait for an email to be informed as to the timing and availability in our litters. We will communicate primarily via email in these beginning stages.

STEP FOUR: Once puppies are born and you’ve received a phone call from us saying we have a puppy available for you, then your deposit will be due within 24 hrs.

STEP FIVE: We host an Open House for all those with deposits on the current litter. This typically happens when the pups are around 5 weeks old. It’s simply a time for you to come with your family and interact with the pups. Second payment for the pup is due at the Open House.

FYI – the Open House is NOT for prospective families, but for families getting a puppy from the current litter on the ground. We are a closed facility and do not allow prospective visitors but are very happy to Facetime so you can meet the dogs and see the facilities.

STEP SIX: Choosing your pup happens on the same day your pup goes home, at 8 weeks old. I schedule families in selection order. You’ll be given a 1 1/2 hr appointment time where you will be in our puppy room with the pups you get to choose from. We will certainly give you our two cents as to personality and what we’re seeing in the pups your choosing from, but ultimately the final decision is yours. As you begin to eliminate pups from the running we’ll put them in a seperate pen. Once you make your final selection, we’ll do a quick little dry-shampoo bath, trim nails, sign contract, collect final payment, take family picture and then you’re on your way.

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