Innovative Pet Lab IN-HOME Testing Kits


Comprehensive Review

Identify health concerns you can’t see to ensure optimal intestinal function

Many digestive conditions are present years before they are diagnosed and can become worse over time. Evaluating your dog’s overall gut function can help ensure they are fully digesting food, having low inflammatory responses, and have a strong intestinal lining.

This comprehensive test examines three distinct gut functions:

Digestion & Detox
Pancreatic Elastase & Beta-Glucuronidase
Better digestion equals better absorption of nutrients
Measuring these two enzymes can identify how well your pet is digesting food and if an optimal level of detox activity is present.

Leaky Gut
Zonulin & Antigliadin-IgA
A strong intestinal lining is associated with better health
Identify the health of your pet’s intestinal lining and reactions to gluten.

Inflammation & Immunity
Calprotectin & Secretory IgA
Identify and calm increased inflammation
Gut disorders are common in dogs and are often related to intestinal inflammation. This test can identify gut inflammation, the levels of normal gut bacteria, and determine an appropriate level of immune protection in the digestive process.

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