IGR Nutrition Recommendations

I am often asked, “What should I feed my puppy? What do you recommend?”

An important thing to understand is that most pet owners AND veterinarians are not dietitians. I have done extensive research to find what I truly believe is the best for my dogs and puppies!

I didn’t understand much about dog nutrition until one of my dogs, Juliet, developed what I believe to be yeast issues. She was on three rounds of antibiotics during her first litter. While recovering from that first litter she developed scabby spots and just started itching like crazy. I became a research maniac trying to solve the problem. I am a firm beiever that there is a way to solve most issues holistically and without added chemicals or prescriptions. During that research time, I learned about raw feeding. Not everyone is willing to feed raw, though a balanced raw diet is the absolute best nutrition for your dog. If one simply isn’t willing, or can’t afford, to feed raw, then kibble with lots of extra goodies for a nutritional punch is the way to go.

​We feed a fully balanced raw diet using Ross Wells Titan Red. Each dog is also fed on a regular basis apple cider vinegar, kefir, sardines, eggs, chia seeds, fresh green veggies, blueberries. I truly believe that feeding a fresh food, balanced raw diet, adding in fresh extras and limiting chemical exposure will greatly increase the health of our dogs.

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