Helper Application


The primary responsibility is to ensure NO puppy is injured (mom can accidentally squish them, or step on them) and to ensure NO puppy is ever seperated from the rest of the litter (a separated puppy will get cold and will die). Other things I need help with will be feeding mom, letting the big-dogs outside as needed.

The 11pm-3am shift there’s really not much work to do. The big dogs are sleeping and so is mama, most of the time. So basically, it’s just sit in the puppy room, watch movies/social media while everyone is sleeping. Just make sure all the pups are together and warm and that mom doesn’t squish them when she gets up and down.

The 3pm-6pm shift will be busy. In addition to the above, you’ll be responsible for letting the big-dogs in and out, and letting mom in and out and feeding the big dogs dinner.

If I get a worker from 11pm-3am, then I will wake up for the day at 2:45 and be in the puppy room ready to take over by 3, I’ll work til 5 or 6pm and then my husband will take over. When you arrive, my husband and I will be sleeping while you are caring for the litter.

If I get a worker from 3pm-6pm, then I will go to bed for the day at 3pm when you arrive, my husband will take over at 6pm when you leave and work til he goes to bed at 11. I will then wake up for the day at 11pm.

This helper is needed from approximately August 19th for the next 3 1/2 – 4 weeks. 7 days a week.

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