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What is a fresh, whole food diet?


Beyond using healthier ingredients, fresh foods are a great way to feed your dog a raw food dog food diet without worrying about the nutritional integrity of the food you are providing. Fresh foods were formulated to specifically maximize the nutritional value of their ingredients, so you can trust your dog is getting all the nutrition they need. Since they are minimally processed and made with whole, natural, high quality ingredients, fresh foods are great for dogs with food intolerances and sensitive digestion.

Fresh foods are also a great option for dog owners looking to introduce their dogs to a raw foods diet who do not have the time to prepare their dog’s meals everyday and are also concerned about providing them balanced nutrition. Fresh foods can be fed as the primary food source but also can be used to supplement your dog’s diet or as a special treat.

There are many fresh food raw products on the market that are absolutely fantastic.  They are completely balanced and provide your dog with excellent nutrition and you with peace of mind that you’re giving your fur-baby what they need to thrive

While I personally advocate to feed a raw diet, it does cost more than kibble.  I feed a pack of seven large dogs and it requires alot of food, so I personally have chosen to feed a DIY raw diet.  Please be aware though, that an unbalanced, fresh food raw diet is much worse for a dog than even one of the worst kibbles on the market.  If you choose to feed DIY raw, not a commercially prepared raw diet, extensive research should be done.  It is a commitment.  It is an expense.  It is healthier than kibble.

Watch this 3 part series to learn more about raw feeding:

Part 1:  Dr. Becker begins the discussion by reviewing the ancestral origins of today’s dogs and cats.  Raw Diet – Part 1

Part 2:  Dr. Becker defines optimal nutrition for dogs and cats and lists her nutritional goals for her patients.  Raw Diet – Part 2

Part 3:  Dr. Becker discusses why these diets get a bad rap.  Raw Diet – Part 3

Two initial steps I recommend when considering feeding a DIY raw diet:

  1. Read everything on this website – PerfectlyRawsome.  It is a wealth of information that I reference often.
  2. Get this book and read it cover to cover.  Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats   This is where my learning started.  Yes, it’s overwhelming, but completely worth it.  I’ve read this book about 4-5 times, and still reference it at least a few times a month.

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