Dealing with Diarrhea

Top reasons for diarrhea in your puppy:

  • STRESS – probably the number one cause of diarrhea for puppies when they first go home, well at least for the first couple weeks. Think about it – everything in their world is new….that’s stressful for a pup.
  • EATING SOMETHING ICKY – pups get into stuff and this can cause diarrhea
  • CHANGE IN DIET – not only changing their food from what the breeder was feeding, but also excess treats and new treats can cause digestive challenges and result in diarrhea

Please, if your pup has diarrhea in the first couple weeks home, don’t run to the vet!!!! And whatever you do, don’t put your pup on an antibiotic!!!!! There’s a time and place for antibiotics, but in the first couple weeks home, that’s probably not the time.

Christine Glogowski, Breeder, Integrity Golden Retrievers

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