Bringing Puppy Home


Basic Supplies:

  • 12″ collar
  • Light weight leash

Kennel Training:

  • I’d suggest two kennel sizes:  medium (30″) and large (42″)
    • As an adult your dog will need a 42″ kennel, but as a puppy that kennel seems monstrous (even with the space divider)
    • I’d strongly suggest purchasing a medium size kennel also to use for the first few months


  • ADAPTIL Travel
    • I’d HIGHLY recommend purchasing the “travel” spray bottle and using it in the following manner for kennel training:
    • Spray bed inside kennel about 5-10 minutes before you intend to kennel the puppy.  Then simply kennel the puppy.
    • My reasoning for using the spray instead of the plug in, is to train the puppy that the kennel is a nice, calm, safe spot.  Yes, the plug in would be great for a large space (my vet uses it at her practice), but by using the spray only in the kennel, the puppy learns to be calm in his/her kennel.
    • PERSONAL EXPERIENCE STORY:  When we picked up 8 wk old Iris near the OH/PA border, we put her in her bed in the back seat with Sarah sitting next to her.  Before we even got out of the breeder’s long driveway, Iris was crying like crazy.  I thought to myself, “ugh – this is going to be a looooong trip”.  But then I remembered we had Adaptil.  We stopped at the end of the driveway, took Iris out, sprayed a few spritzes, gagged (and aired out the car – it was strong), put Iris back in and she instantly curled up and went to sleep.  I sprayed a few spritzes on her bed inside her kennel anytime I had to kennel her (in the hotel room, in the car while we attended Matt’s basketball games – don’t worry, it was November, temps were fine).  By the time we made it home a week later, she loved her kennel and knew it to be a calm environment.  ADAPTIL was a game changer for us.



  • I recommend FARMINA:  N&D Pumpkin – Lamb and Blueberry (our health guarantee is only valid if you feed a Farmina product.  See the “nutrition” tab under “resources” for more info)
  • Our health guarantee will be VOID if you feed any food other than Farmina or a raw diet.  Please head to the page titled “Nutrition” under “Resources” on this site, watch all three videos under “Kibble”
  • Farmina N&D Pumpkin
  • If you are local – Cherry Valley Feed carries it
  • If you’re not local – it can be ordered online
  • My recommendations for regular additions to the diet:
    • Homemade kefir (see my Kefir page for more info – I have grains I will give you so you can make your own.  My adult dogs get approximately 2 Tbsp of fresh kefir every day.)

My recommendations for fresh food treats:

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