Iris is in HEAT – will Lizzie be next?

Exciting news here at IGR – Iris is currently on day 2 of her first heat cycle.  What does that mean?  Not much for now, other than this is the first step towards her becoming a mama for us. Now the question will be – will Iris “pull” or “influence” Lizzie to come into heatContinue reading “Iris is in HEAT – will Lizzie be next?”

Marshmallow Heaven!

My daughter has affectionately called the lighter colored puppies “marshmallows” and the apricot colored puppies “toasted marshmallows”, so we’ve decided to name our new space Marshmallow Heaven. So, you ask, how is this new space coming along?  lol – SLOW!!!   You know how it is with life…’s crazy – there tends to be very littleContinue reading “Marshmallow Heaven!”

107 days and counting…

107 days til Christmas. 107 days til the deadline for completing the new puppy space. For our first litter we removed our dining room table, installed sheet vinyl over the hardwood, installed a gate between the kitchen/dining room and then added a plastic exercise pen fence between the dining room and living room.  All thatContinue reading “107 days and counting…”