Almost there!!!

We are now 12 weeks into Juju’s Journey. Doesn’t she look incredible!!!! For ages Juliet was itching constantly, seriously constantly. Chewing herself raw, in fact, her bottom front teeth are gone from chewing so much. She stunk the worst doggie-stench for what seems like forever. Noone likes to pet her, and especially not kiss her.

But now……her coat is thick, soft, silky. And today I noticed….she doesn’t stink!!!! She still itches some, and her ears are still a bit yeasty, but she is absolutely getting better. YIPPEE!

What did we do to get here – let me give you a bullet point overview:

  • switched her food to DIY raw because that was the only way I could feed her a food that had nothing she was allergic to. I had Perfectly Rawsome professionally formulate and balance a recipe for her.
  • Used Glacier Peak Gold and Glacier Peak Immunity (10 days gold/10 immune/10 gold/10 immune/10 rest). Then we are in the middle of repeating that 10 day plan.
  • Used FidoFlora probiotics for about one month, then switched back to homemade goat milk kefir
  • Used CBD Dog Health for about 2 weeks to help inflammation go down
  • Bathed her every 3 days using shampoo from the vet

That’s it. Yes, it’s a lot, but once the food thing was figured out the rest was really easy. Seriously. But it’s taken dedication, and honestly, not as much money as I expected. I did the original purchase of the Glacier Peak products buying the largest sizes I could and haven’t had to purchase more.

If your dog is itching alot, if you dog has been on antibiotics for more than say, 2 rounds, if your dog is on apoquel or cytopoint….it’s possible to help health their bodies from the inside as a root level. Juliet is proof of that!

If you need help with your dog, I’m here. I am not a vet. I am not trained. I’m just a doggie-mama who has just successfully helped her dog get better and learned alot in the process. Please reach out if you want to pick my brain.

Executing these (or similar) protocols with your dog and changing their food is not super hard, nor is it beyond your capabilities as a doggie-parent. But I will say, if you’re not willing to go “all-in”, then honestly, the truth is, it’s not worth trying. Half-way trying to solve these issues naturally will only result in frustration, disbelief in the natural/holistic process of healing issues at the root cause, and likely giving up.

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