New year, new Juju

Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve updated about Juliet. She’s still improving, VERY slowly, but improving. Patience will be the key to getting her better through holistic methods instead of traditional medicine at my vet’s office.

What am I doing right now with her:
Food: She is eating a homemade balanced raw diet made with pork and turkey. I paid to have my recipe analyzed and adjusted from MONEY WELL SPENT!! There were multiple areas that she was deficient (vitamin D, EPA/DHA, the total fat content was way too low. So now, I have a perfectly balanced recipe that includes daily quantities to be fed and a 30 days shopping list so I can make a batch of food for her.

She still seems a bit skinny for my liking, so once my order of raw ground turkey comes in and I can make a monstrous batch of food I’ll double her portions to try to get some weight on her. IF she doesn’t gain weight after significant increase in calories, then I’ll need to address that because there may be an issue why she’s not gaining. Right now, it’s simply because her fat content was too low, and I’m not able to increase her portions because I’d run out of food before my order gets here.

Supplements: She has been doing 10 day rounds of Glacier Peak Gold, then 10 days of Peak Immune. The concept of this is 10 days to kill the yeast, then 10 days to build up the immune system. She’s on the final 10 days of build the immune system, then we’ll take a 10 days rest. Then back at it as needed repeating 10 days of GPG and 10 days of Peak Immune.

Probiotics/CBD: I rotate probiotics. Sometimes it’s homemade goat milk kefir, sometimes Fido Flora. I was giving her a CBD product for about 2 weeks to help lower the inflammation. That worked quite well. Her eyes are much better. They are still black because she hasn’t grown back any fur around them yet.

Baths: she’s getting baths every 3 days using a product from the vet. Shampoo, let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse. That is helping too. Her legs are no longer black and scaley. They are still somewhat red, but I’m seeing some new fur growth on her legs.

She’s sleeping better, we’re sleeping better. She still scratches, but NOWHERE near the intensity as it was before. She’s perkier too! I LOVE THAT!!! She’ll ask for attention, she’ll trot around to go outside. Still sleeps a TON, but I think much of that is age – she’s 7 yrs old.

BOTTOM LINE: We have talked about at what point do we call it quits with the natural route and just put her on the medicine. We’re not there yet – not at all. It’s such a SLOOOOOOW road, but there is improvement. So we simply continue for now. Continue the food she’s getting, that 10 days protocol with those two products, the baths, and probiotics.

One response to “New year, new Juju”

  1. You guys are the best. JuJu is a lucky girl to have you.


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