Adding of new protocols

I wanted to hop on here and write a few things swirling in my brain and to document the dates of when I’m starting some new products mostly for my own memory and so I can track symptoms.

Dec. 10th – I had an appointment with a pet nutrition expert and she recommended switching to Fido’s Flora probiotics, adding cbd oil from CBD Dog Health (their “heal” vairety). I also received a test to see how her gut is doing. The test is from Animal Biome.

Dec. 11th – Juliet started Fido Flora probiotic. 3/4tsp, 2x/day

Dec. 11th – Juliet started “Heal” CBD oil, .25ml, 3x/day, given on the gums

At this point, given the stuff we’ve been doing (changing the diet, adding Glacier Peak’s gold then immunity products) she is slightly better. She no longer frantically itches. Don’t get me wrong, she still looks miserable, chews her legs, has black cirles around her eyes due to losing fur and stinks like yeast. I’ll be interested to note what she’s like after about one week of these new products.

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