Setback and Recovery

We’ve had a little setback, but yet I discovered the reason so now we’re headed back on the path of recovery.

Last week, Tuesday, I received my order of pet collagen. I gave Juju the first dose Tuesday dinner. I proceeded to give her two doses/day for Wed, Thurs, Fri. On Thursday I noticed she seems more itchy and red, then on Friday quite a bit more itchy, red, raw, and a little more frantic in her itching.

Friday afternoon I had an ah ha moment and remembered that the collagen is sourced from chicken sternum collagen. Juju is allergic to chicken. I had hoped that she could take this product, but no-go on that one. After 6 doses, she was more red, raw, and itchy.

It’s currently Monday morning and she has not had the collagen since Friday morning. Last night she slept so peacefully, and is WAY less red, raw, itchy. I think that was the issue, the chicken sternum collagen. Bummer. I had high hopes for her taking such a great product from a great company, but I guess that’s a no-go when you’re allergic to the source. Glad I discovered it now.

How did I discover this? I’m paying attention, big-time, to anything that goes in her mouth and the symptoms that she is experiencing and hopefully if something is not going well, I’ll catch it quickly like I did with this one, and then get back on a good path.

Puppy families who saw her at the play-date on Saturday – please be encouraged that she is doing so much better now after having removed the collagen from her diet. She was so miserable looking (and feeling) on Saturday when you were here.

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