One week in

We are one week in to Juju’s Journey. Today marks the 7th day she has been eating a DIY raw mixture that contains only sources of food she’s not allergic to. It’s also day 4 of taking Glacier Peak Gold.

While she is nowhere near good, she is much better. What I’m noticing: the itching is waaaay less intense and frantic. She still itches, but nowhere near as frantically. Her boo-boos by her eyes are healing and less raw looking.

She has lost a bit of weight, but that’s my fault. When I calculated how much food she should get in each meal, I put that specific amount into individual containers and she’s lost weight. I’ll simply increase how much I’m feeding her for the next week and see where she’s at.

Take a close look at two areas in “Day 0” picture: the fur (or lack thereof) directly above her eye, and then the two boo-boo spots below her eye. These are from her scratching.

Then take a look at Day 8: the fur is slightly coming back, but the boo-boos….so much better. You can see the upper one is much better and the bottom one has a scab that hasn’t been scratched off. The fact that she’s not scratched off the scab is huge!!! Progress…..

This progress has been made with NO MEDICATION, only nutrition and holistic treatments. I am using colloidal silver on the boo-boos, but that’s it.

What’s next – continue for a total of 10 days on GP Gold, then switch and do 10 days of Glacier Peak Immune. Continue with healthy foods she’s not allergic to and as soon as her collagen arrives, I’ll be starting her on that right away. I’ll continue taking pictures now and then at the same angle and then I’ll plan to update the blog every Monday to show you progress.

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