OK – I know what she’s allergic too, or rather what foods are stressors/triggers for her….everything I’ve been feeding her for the past 1 1/2 yrs. Poor Juju. But, time to fix it.

STEP 1: make DIY balance fresh food. She can have turkey and pork so that’s what I’m starting with. I bought enough meat/organs/bone to make one month’s worth of food. ($150)

STEP 2: collagen, collagen, collagen. The girl has leaky gut issues and collagen heals leaky gut. I ordered 6 bottled of Modere Liquid Pet Collagen ($200)

STEP 3: Glacier Peak Products. Just ordered a huge bag of Peak Immune, 3 bottles of Glacier Peak Gold and one bottle of Colloidal silver. ($240)

I understand that the typical person reading may not spend this much money to help their dog get better. But I’m either gonna spend it at the vet’s office and on medicine, or on food and holistic treatments. One way or another I’m gonna spend it. I choose this way. And not ‘half-way’ either. I’m all in. I’m buying it all and doing it all right.

One response to “Products”

  1. I enjoy watching and learning from your posts. Just as children are all different and we all have different approaches, I believe the same with our furry children! Excited to follow and prayers of healing for Juliet !


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