Now we’re caught up…

Last time I mentioned Juliet was on Apoquel and I would accept the consequences of that decision. Well, lately, the past few weeks or so, it seemed like Juju was itching quite a bit more. I was about out of Apoquel and suspected that it simply wasn’t working anymore. I also suspected that if I wanted to stick with traditional medicine, my next option would by cytopoint. I also knew there would be consequences and side effects likely from that decision.

I just couldn’t do it. There HAS to be another way to solve this itchiness. But I wanted to do it armed with knowledge and test results, not just guessing. I had a Wellness Scan preformed and today I received the results.

I cried. and cried. and cried! For YEARS now, I have been feeding Juju lots of things she simply can’t tolerate: beef, chicken, salmon, sweet potatoes, apples, collard greens to name a few.

So after crying my eyes out this afternoon, I am now ready to tackle healing my Juju-bug armed with test results and knowledge. She will no longer be fed the food she’s eaten the past year and a half. It’s caused her health to get worse and worse. This afternoon I spend a bucketload of money at Valli Produce and will be making about a month’s worth of DIY raw using pork and turkey, two proteins she can have.

I’m not quite sure how long I’ll do that before adding in another protocol to restore her health. But follow along our journey.

Remember: I am NOT a vet. I am simply a doggie mama who is helping her doggie get better. And THIS doggie mama speaks her mind, will tell you what I’m doing, what products I like, what I don’t, how much they cost, and then you can make your own decision for your dog and what’s best for you!

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