Iris is in HEAT – will Lizzie be next?

Exciting news here at IGR – Iris is currently on day 2 of her first heat cycle.  What does that mean?  Not much for now, other than this is the first step towards her becoming a mama for us.

Now the question will be – will Iris “pull” or “influence” Lizzie to come into heat too?  Who knows.  Last time Juliet was in heat, I totally thought Lizzie would also, but no such luck.  This time though – the timing is right for Lizzie – so here’s hoping I’ll get to make an announcement and accept the first four deposits for the Lizzie/Mozzie litter soon!!!!



Well, that depends on if that mama is mated with Mozzie or not.  In this case with Iris, she is NOT to be bred with Mozzie so ideal situation is one of them goes away to a temporary home.  We’ve chosen to send him to a family that owns a 2018 IGR pup.  We will miss Mozzie terribly, but this way we don’t have to worry about an accidental pregnancy with Iris.

Last time we needed to keep Mozz separate from a girl in heat we kept him home.  That meant Mozz had to be on a leash 24/7.  Not just we had to watch him, but seriously folks, on a leash and watched 24/7.  If I was in the living room and wanted to get more coffee from the kitchen, Mozz went with me.  If I had to go to the bathroom, Mozz went with me.  If I showered, Mozz went with me.  Can I just say IT WAS A PAIN IN THE NECK!!!

And the whining – during the peak time that Juliet was fertile and Mozz was not allowed to “get” her -he whined and cried like no tomorrow.  He also didn’t eat for about 2 days, and then would only eat when the girls were away from him and I hand fed him cause I was so worried.  Owning both male and female and being a breeder is not all rosie and puppy kisses!!  lol

But – we love it!!!!  I am usually in tears and without words when I think about the privilege I have to breed and raise your puppy!  I’m serious!  Our first golden, Toby, meant the world to us and to get to raise a dog who will go on to mean that much to your family, like Toby did for us, well that’s priceless!!

Until next time…





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