Marshmallow Heaven!

My daughter has affectionately called the lighter colored puppies “marshmallows” and the apricot colored puppies “toasted marshmallows”, so we’ve decided to name our new space Marshmallow Heaven.

So, you ask, how is this new space coming along?  lol – SLOW!!!   You know how it is with life…’s crazy – there tends to be very little time left for home improvement projects.  But it has to get done before the next litter comes.  I will say though that I have spent countless hours thinking, researching, changing my mind, and then doing more research.  Our primary topic of research is how to heat this new space.  I’m pleased with what we’ve come up with.  Now to wait for my husband to finish a couple projects he’s on at work (he’s a home remodeler) then he can spend some time over Christmas/New Year’s on our new space.  Once we get a little progress done then I’ll post pictures.

For now, we are still waiting patiently (NOT – who am I kidding?) for Juliet to go into heat.  Every day I check her to see if I notice any signs and so far nothing.  Ugh!  We all have puppy fever so bad here in our house.  Until then we take every moment we can to work on Marshmallow Heaven and get ready for puppies.

Until next time….


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