Me, a blogger? NOT!

Did I even envision being a blogger?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Am I a great writer? ABSOLUTELY NOT!  But the words that come out here are basically what I’d say if we were chatting face to face.  My attempt at blogging will be a continuation of what I communicate on our Facebook page.  Real.  Behind the scenes.  Day-to-day life.  Whether that be chaotic, let’s be real it’s always chaotic, or messy, again – let’s be real life (and my house) is almost always messy, or whether it be fun and cute.

One of my goals when I communicate on Facebook or here is that y’all get an inside look at how I raise my puppies.  My life is an open book – and I probably share too much, but I kinda think that’s what y’all like.  You like seeing behind the scenes, you like knowing what we do to get your baby ready to come home.

I am shocked at the reach our Facebook page has had (and hopefully this blog) after only one litter.  I’ve had people approach me that I have no idea who they are and say, “oh I love your videos and pics of the puppies”.  I’ve had people ask to come over to visit, just to see the babies.  Hands down the best story though is that of one of my puppy families who recently got married.  They told me that in both speeches at the reception, the topic of their new puppy (which they hadn’t even brought home yet) came up.

I love it that you enjoy seeing pics/videos of our babies.  I do feel like I over-post sometimes, but you all encourage me “no, we love seeing the babies” – so if I do over-post, it’s your fault cause you’ve encouraged me!  lol

Until next time….IMG_4644


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